University of Missouri Rattled Over Racism

COLUMBIA, Missouri – The University of Missouri campus has been rattled over the past few weeks as racism grows on campus, culminating with threats made online by 19-year old Hunter Park.

Park, who lives about 100 miles south in Rolla, Missouri, is a student at the Missouri University of Science & Technology. He was arrested after being linked to posts on the anonymous messaging app Yik-Yak.

“I’m going to stand my ground tomorrow and shoot every black person I see,” one anonymous post read on Yik Yak.

Another warned black students simply not to come to campus the next day and another said “we’re waiting for you at the parking lots… we will kill you.”

With University security increased, Park’s arrest came just days after the University President, Tim Wolfe, was forced out of his position after being accused¬†of ignoring the growing racism on campus. When the University football team refused to play until the issue was addressed on the mostly white campus, Wolfe finally stepped down.

Among the offences black students have complained about are that a swastika drawn in feces was found in a dormitory bathroom and that they are subjected to racial slurs by passerby in cars and on campus.

Students took matters into their own hands and staged a sit-in as well as a hunger strike to send a clear message to the University administration. One student even took to Twitter to share his concern and fear over attending class.

As far as Yik-Yak, the social media platform used by Park, the company condemned the threatening messages and released a statement to confirm their full compliance in assisting law enforcement to put an end to such actions.