Championship Drinking

Even high profile athletes aren’t able to avoid taking embarrassing pictures. Here’s a photo of New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, who was spotted at a party appearing completely intoxicated. Because of Manning’s appearance on the field, some have wondered if this photo was even showing him at his worst, or if he was just caught a bad moment. Either way, it’s fun to see multi-millionaires just as vulnerable to bad pictures.

Dance Party

Getting the attention of the girls at the club is hard enough, but then comes the actual dancing. Apparently, one man wasn’t quite prepared when someone finally accepted his offer. While it was probably just an awkward facial expression caught at the wrong time, it looks like there’s sheer horror in his face. The eyes don’t even look natural on this man, which might suggest there’s a little more than just a few beers at play in this club.

Little Help

After you’ve put on a few pounds, there are certain places that you can’t squeeze into anymore. Mel Ellis and her niece learned that the hard way when they thought they could get into a pair of swings that were designed for toddlers. Firemen had to be called in to cut the pair out, which took quite a bit of time. Ellis said that “I have recently put on a lot of weight, but didn’t think that much. I was well and truly stuck…We were both in there for about an hour. It was the most embarrassing then that has ever happened to me.”

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