Teachers Share Stories of Students That Were Crushing On Them

When you’re growing up, usually the first crush you have in school is on one of your teachers. Teachers are the adults that you’re around everyday, and many of them have stories about students that have been attracted to them. Some are horror stories, while others have been quite adorable. If you’re a student, almost all of them are horror stories due to the teasing that usually comes as a result of having a crush on the teacher. Let’s look at what some teachers had to say about their students falling in love with them, and how they dealt with the awkwardness.

25good_sandlapper says a crush is always obvious.

“We always know. Kids aren’t subtle. Most inappropriate thing? A kid from one of the kindergarten classes walked up to me and motorboated my breasts. I was too shocked to say anything and the other teachers were trying to control their laughter. Still makes me laugh out loud!”