Preschool Sweethearts Reunite 30 Years Later to Show Love Has No Timeline

You remember being a young child, especially when you’re starting school for the first time. You’re introduced to other children that you’ve never met before, and it can be a little overwhelming. It’s around that time that you start to develop your first crush, and that was the case for both Amy Giberson and Justin Pounders.

Giberson and Pounders were just three years old when they met for the first time at Sunshine Preschool in St. Petersburg, Florida. The two would spend a lot of time together, and develop a bit of a “romance” as parents jokingly referred to the two as a couple. Just like most children, though, the two would grow apart as they eventually attended different schools and it seemed like they would drift apart forever.

The two even found themselves in different parts of the state when attending college as Giberson went to Tampa while Pounders went to Tallahassee. After college, the young professionals remained single, so they turned to online dating in hopes of finding love. The two enrolled on without each other’s knowledge when Pounders came across Giberson’s profile.

Even though Pounders didn’t know that it was Giberson specifically, he instantly became drawn to her photo. “She just had this great energy, you could tell,” he said. “I can’t explain it, but I knew I had to get to know this girl.” Pounders quickly sent her a message, and the two engaged in conversation over the internet and the phone.

After weeks of talking, Pounders and Giberson still had no idea that they had actually been a pair at one point in their lives. They would meet in person and still had no idea, but did feel a strong connection. Giberson said that “It was like I had known him my whole life. When I first saw him, I felt that I was staring at the man I was going to marry.”

Finally, after a year of dating, it was brought up in conversation about their upbringing. Giberson said that she grew up in St. Petersburg just like Pounders, but didn’t know any of the childhood friends that he had brought up in the past. In fact, Pounders even said that he had a crush on a girl named Amy while he was in preschool, but Giberson said “I joked to him, ‘Well, it’s not me, so I don’t want to hear about it!’”

Giberson quickly started to realize that it might be her that Pounders was talking about! The couple got in touch with their parents, asking for old photos from back in their preschool days. When the 30 year old photo from Sunshine Preschool, the couple discovered the shocking truth that they had known each other before!

Giberson was in tears because of the photo, saying that “I was ecstatic. I was the Amy he had liked all those years ago! It was definitely meant to be.” They had grown up close to each other for years, and eventually moved to the same area after college, but didn’t know how close they were to reconnecting until meeting over a dating website. Pounders said that the time was right for them to reunite.

The story of the couple reuniting after 30 years started to make national news, and suddenly there were a lot of questions about if the improbable romance would result in marriage. In late 2015, the 34 year olds announced that the happy ending was becoming a reality! While appearing on “The View” and telling their story, the cameras started rolling on Sunshine Preschool where there was a special message waiting.

Students at the preschool held up a collective sign that asked, “Amy, will you marry me?” That set into motion one year of wedding planning with their big day coming in November 2016. The wedding was in the same city of St. Petersburg where they had grown up and attended preschool together, with 200 of their closest family members and friends in attendance.

Giberson said that the wedding was a dream come true, and that “Our hearts met at the age of three and we had our own journeys to go through for 30 years, but ultimately our hearts were meant to love each other.” The wedding day was absolutely perfect, and filled with nostalgia of the past as they got hitched in the same building where Giberson would have dance recitals.

The two would then spend their honeymoon on the Caribbean islands, and are happy that their story has been able to touch the hearts of so many. Even Giberson (now Pounders) herself said that she wasn’t able to expect anything like this to happen. “I was hopeful that those love stories Nicholas Sparks wrote about were actually real and that I’d have a great love one day,” she said. “But I never expected this!”

What made the marriage even more unlikely was the fact that Justin Pounders had actually been engaged years before reuniting with Giberson. Pounders’s fiancee Adrianne Roberts was tragically murdered the night before they were set to move in together. It wouldn’t be for a few more years that Pounders tried to find love again. Amy said that “We believe the day she became his guardian angel, she set out to help heal his heart…We feel she found me and brought us together.”

Now happily married, people are wondering if there are going to be children in the future. Amy told reporters to “stay tuned” as they’re still focusing on settling down for now! Amy did have a message to pass along to people who have been touched by their story, though, saying that “Never give up on love and love will never give up on you.”

The couple is still making big news because of their marriage, which was featured in “The God Wink Effect: 7 Secrets to God’s Signs, Wonders and Answered Prayers”.Now 35 years old, the couple is happy to share their story with anybody interested and are still making public appearances to share the message that love isn’t always easy to find, but it’s all worth it in the end!