People Reveal Times When They Messed With The Wrong Person

Most of us like to avoid confrontation, though it can almost be mandatory at times. Whether someone stepped over the line or did something wrong to you personally, you might have to step in and start a confrontation. While you get visions in your head of things going the right way and declaring yourself as a hero, that might not be the case. You could end up messing with the wrong person and come out on the losing side, and Reddit users have shared their stories about times when just that had happened, and here are the best of the bunch.

20An anonymous user won’t mess with Russians.

“I was 14 and at a summer camp. There was this Russian kid who attended who had lived here for a year with family to go to school. Since he was a foreigner I immediately singled him out and started picking on him. This went on for about two weeks with me mocking him in Russian accent, making jokes about Russians and generally just being a little f**king prick. Then one day he had enough. He picked a fight with me and I’d thought I would have easily one since I had almost a foot on the guy. Nope. I go in for a punch and he ducks, grabs my arm and throws me over him onto the ground. Breaking my arm in the process. I started crying. I was then taken to the hospital. I went back to camp and I was forced to apologize to the kid and I did. We ended up being friends and he tells me that his dad runs a jiu jitsu gym in St. Petersburg and is a former Spetznaz soldier. He wasn’t the kind to boast so I believed him. He told me his dad trained him in jujitsu for most of his life.”