The Most Notorious Rock n’ Roll Groupies Ever

Donna D’Errico

Yet another member of the list that appeared on the show “Baywatch”, Donna D’Errico got her start on the show because of her Playboy modeling career (just like the other two we’ve seen). Around that time, D’Errico started dating Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue, and the two would get married in 1996. After 11 years, the two filed for divorce and has since moved on from the groupie life. These days, she says that her new religious outlook on life is because “I’ve made mistakes and choices in my past that I wouldn’t make today.”

Annette Walter-Lax

Annette Walter-Lax was involved in a very tragic rock n’ roll story decades ago as the former model was dating The Who drummer Keith Moon. The two would stick together for a few years until September 6, 1978. Walter-Lax and Moon were with Paul and Linda McCartney at dinner, and then they headed home to their flat. That night, Moon overdosed on Clomethiazole that was supposed to wean him from his alcohol addiction. Moon had planned on proposing the next day, but it wasn’t to be.