The Most Notorious Rock n’ Roll Groupies Ever

Carmen Electra

Many people already know about Carmen Electra’s relationships with NBA player Dennis Rodman and singer Dave Navarro, but forget that it was Prince that helped her get her start. Prince actually produced her debut record that barely registered on the radar, and it was Playboy modeling and TV roles that made her more famous. Electra has also been engaged to Filter’s Rob Patterson and was even dating Simon Cowell for a brief period.

Bebe Buell

After moving to New York City in 1971, aspiring model Bebe Buell became well known because of her relationship with rocker Todd Rundgren. Over the years, Buell has been known to date many other musicians that include Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop, Jimmy Page and Elvis Costello. Buell said she didn’t want to label herself as a groupie, though the record speaks for itself, and she has been married to musicians Coyote Shivers and Das Damen since the 1990s.