The Most Notorious Rock n’ Roll Groupies Ever


Everybody knows about the fact that Cher was married to fellow singer Sonny Bono, as the two were featured on television as a duo. After their marriage, though, Cher has been linked with a lot of other famous musicians (even if they weren’t as famous as she was). The list includes names such as Richie Sambora, Les Dudek, Gene Simmons, Gregg Allman and even Elvis Presley. Needless to say, Cher likes to keep things in the music world.

The GTOs

Instead of showing just one groupie, how about an entire band of groupies called The GTOs? The name stood for Girls Together Outrageously, and featured Pamela Des Barres (previously mentioned), Mercy Fontenot, Cynthia Wells, Christine Frka, Luz Offerrall, Sandra Row and Linda Parker. The group was formed together by Frank Zappa, as the girls were already making a big splash on the Sunset Strip because of their groupie ways.