The Most Notorious Rock n’ Roll Groupies Ever

A groupie is defined as “a person, especially a young woman, who regularly follows a pop music group or other celebrity in the hope of meeting or getting to know them.” Groupies are pretty much every industry with famous people and in every major city around the globe. Most groupies go wholly unknown, while some break the mold and gain notoriety either for their relationships with famous people, or for having already carved their own path before even hooking up with musicians. Out of the countless amount of groupies that rock n’ roll music has seen, here are some of the most notorious that really stood out.

Tawny Kitaen

Once a struggling actress, Tawny Kitaen basically became a household name in the 1980s thanks to her appearances in Whitesnake music videos; especially “Here I Go Again” where she’s strutting her stuff on top of a car hood. She would eventually end up marrying Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale, but was well versed with musicians before then. She had been involved with Ratt guitarist Robbin Crosby as early as high school, and followed the band around when they became famous before she met Coverdale. She even had an affair with O.J. Simpson and married former MLB pitcher Chuck Finley.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson was already famous before she was known for her relationships with rock n’ rollers. Anderson was a Playboy Playmate that had become well-known for her modeling and acting, including in “Baywatch”. In 1995 after knowing each other for just about four days, Anderson married Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee. They would divorced in 1998, but she wasn’t done with rockers as she got married to Kid Rock in 2006, getting divorced in 2007.