Celebrities That Served in the Military

According to estimates, around seven percent of all living Americans have served time in the military, while just 0.4 percent of the population is currently in the military. Your chances of becoming famous (again, according to estimates) is just 0.0086. This means that the average person that not only served in the military but also went on to become famous is just 0.0034 percent.

As you can tell, that’s a pretty miniscule percent of the population. However, there might be more people that have served their country and achieved fame than you might think. From game show hosts to actors and authors to musicians and everyone in between, you might be surprised by the people you admire that have served in the military. We have 60 to showcase here, and there are even more that we didn’t even get to, meaning the population is quite large.

Kris Kristofferson

Country music singer and actor Kris Kristofferson followed in his father’s footsteps and joined the US military upon graduating college in 1960. Kristofferson enlisted with the Army and was a captain that flew helicopters, being stationed in West Germany. Kristofferson had then been given the opportunity to be a professor at the academy in West Point, but turned it down to focus in his music career, moving to Nashville and never looking back.