Why The Boeing 787 Dreamliner Really Is A Dream Come True

Boeing is the undisputed king of commercial aircraft, with well over a quarter of the current fleet being built by the US based company. The most popular type is the 737, which has several variants that dominate the market. One of the more recent entries by Boeing has been the 787, but only a total of 625 have been built so far with around 550 in service. If you want to fly in one, there’s a good chance you have to leave the United States with just 32 based in America. However, it’s going to be worth the trip, and here are reasons why the Boeing 787 Dreamliner makes for an amazing ride.

Going Up

Hopefully you’ll never have to be in a plane that needs to commit to a vertical takeoff, but just know that the Boeing 787-9 is capable of doing so. In a video that went viral in 2015, the 787 is seen taking off at a very steep incline while it was preparing to show off for the Paris Air Show. This type of technique is used for emergencies (and showing off) only, though.