50 Years After Splitting Couple Reunited to Find Wedded Bliss

When this young couple met they fell madly in-love with each other and quickly had marriage in their plans. Unfortunately, the young woman’s father abruptly put an end to those plans. Over 50 years would pass before they would see their original plans to come to fruition.

6A Story of True Love

Janice Rude was a sophomore in college at the time that they met while she was working at the campus dining hall. Prentiss Willson was immediately drawn to Rude, saying that he didn’t think that he actually had a chance with her. “She was a year ahead of me and just so beautiful,” he said. The feeling was mutual, it seemed, as Rude was full of surprises.

Before Thanksgiving break, the college was having a dinner at the dining room where Rude was working. When Willson was a no-show, she made a bold move by driving nearly three hours to his family’s home in Santa Maria, California. Rude knocked on the door, and Willson’s mother answered with surprise written on her face.