36 Mind-Blowing Facts About Ancient Rome

At one point in history, Romans developed an empire that stretched across much of Europe and into Northern Africa. For hundreds of years, Roman civilization grew until 476 AD and the fall of the western empire. Ancient Rome is still talked about today, and the period between the founding of Rome and the fall of the empire is fascinating to many historians. There are some things you might not know, however. Here are 36 amazing facts about Ancient Rome that historians have found, showing that times have certainly changed.

34Hours Changed With the Seasons

The 24-hour day is something that’s still in use today, and it was also in use during Ancient Roman times. One thing that made their time different, though, was the fact that each day was tracked by 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. This made hours during the winter very long at night, and long hours of daylight in the summer. It would all work out in the end for the number of days due to equal light eventually.