32 Startling Facts You Didn’t Know About the Spartans

Though it didn’t last for even one millennium and hasn’t been around for more than 2,200 years, the time of the Spartans is still one of the most intriguing in human history. Sparta was a city-state in Ancient Greece that would become a forceful power in the region. Sparta came to an end in 192 BC when it was annexed by Achaea, but it certainly had a good run with a lot of interesting history. Let’s look at XX of those amazing facts about Sparta that you might not have known about to remind you why people still talk about the region and its people.

30The Women Were Strong, Too

A lot of the ancient cultures had the role of a woman confined to mostly just being a wife and mother. You were expected to be in tremendous shape in Sparta, though, as the women were training side-by-side with the men, making them the most athletic women in the world. Creating this physical endurance was said to make giving birth easier for women.