30 Extremely Unique People You’ll Only See On The Internet

There are some really interesting people out there walking among us. In most cases, the strangest person you’ll see throughout the day would be considered normal by the standards of some that have made the rounds on the internet. Thankfully, photos are able to go viral so that we can all bask in the unique glory of these folks. Get ready to realize just how normal looking you are, as we introduce XX of the most extremely unique people that you’ll only find on the internet.

29Getting Drilled

Putting a drill to your head is never a good idea, unless you’re a Shaolin monk named Zhao Rui. Rui has mastered the art of being able to drill his own head without even breaking the skin. For his unique trick, Rui holds the drill up to his temple for 10 seconds, and the only thing that’s left behind is a red mark. It doesn’t always go well, as one time he tried the stunt and ripped off the skin on his head. Whoops.