25 Actual Uses For Products That You Didn’t Know About

With pretty much every product in your home, you might seem to think that you have a complete handle on how to use them. These are items that we use on a near-daily basis, and you might believe that there’s just one way to use them, and that you’ve been doing it the right way this whole time. It turns out, however, that many of the items in your home have been used all wrong. From food and clothing to things that you might use at work, here are 25 actual uses for products that you didn’t know about.

24Bread Tags

Unsure about how much longer you have until your bread starts getting stale or moldy? All you have to do is look at the tags! The color of the tag indicates which day of the week the bread was delivered to the story. Black is Monday, Green is Tuesday, Red is Wednesday, White is Thursday and Yellow is Friday. There usually aren’t deliveries on weekends.