17 Of The Most Desperate Texts You’ll Ever See

Let’s face it, there are certain people that you really wish didn’t have your number. Unfortunately, blocking a number isn’t all that easy for most people and there are still other ways of getting a hold of you. Social media has messaging apps, making it more difficult to avoid someone completely. People that try to get a hold of you can be extremely desperate, to the point where it just gets ridiculous. Let’s take a look at XX of the most desperate texts you’ll ever see, making you thankful that you’re not on the receiving end of these texts.

15Life Expectancy

With advances in technology and medicine, it could be even longer that this ex gets ignored. On the other hand, they did leave a firm number at “52 years,” so when 2070 rolls around and both of these people are still alive, the conversation can start once again! That is, if they remember that they even dated in the first place.