14 Of The Most Embarrassing Photos Ever Captured

All of us have had some embarrassing moments. In fact, embarrassing moments that happened years ago can tend to keep us up at night. For the most part, though, these moments were never captured on camera. It was easy to get away with doing something awkward before everyone had a camera phone in their pocket and a social media profile to share photos. These days, it’s almost inescapable, and we’ve found some of the most embarrassing photos to ever be plastered on the internet.

13Championship Drinking

Even high profile athletes aren’t able to avoid taking embarrassing pictures. Here’s a photo of New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, who was spotted at a party appearing completely intoxicated. Because of Manning’s appearance on the field, some have wondered if this photo was even showing him at his worst, or if he was just caught a bad moment. Either way, it’s fun to see multi-millionaires just as vulnerable to bad pictures.